"A life spent in making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing." - George Bernard Shaw

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Customer Service Starts With Me.

It is a well-known fact that the standard of service in Australia is below its potential. We all have experienced bad customer service at one time and have not spoken out about it. In fact ninety six per cent of customers never complain about the inadequate service they receive!

Our culture has a history of confusing customer service with anything from product quality to technological innovation. In the arena of information technology service is about how information impacts upon customers and prospective customers. SERVUS Online, a wholly Australian owned company, is dedicated to helping companies understand customers better and thereby improving the standard of customer service we all receive.

The SERVUS Online process encourages customers to accept responsibility for their role in the standard of customer service they receive. Gaining feedback from customers is the key to delivering more of what customers like and less of what they don't like. Customers are able to rate the customer service they receive by a standardised feedback form, developed by SERVUS Online. This form is applicable to every transaction.

Feedback is externally monitored and evaluated. Based on the response from their customers, companies receive recognition for their customer service. Improvement in customer service is then recognised and rewarded through the world first SERVUS Online Diamond Accreditation system.

Eight years of research and development by SERVUS in conjunction with SERVUS Online has established that customers appreciate this forum to provide feedback to your business. Having the ability to provide feedback to a third party that will rate the customer service experience from the customer perspective makes strong sense to the customer.

In an increasingly generic marketplace, business operators understand the customer service they provide is the differentiating factor between them and competitors.

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